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about me

After graduating from Smith College I worked in project management first in San Francisco then in New York with several design firms including Herman Miller Inc. and Raymond Loewy Inc.  Subsequently, while raising a family in the D.C. area, I experimented with different art media before going back to project management at various museums, and ultimately became the director of Special Exhibits at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum.  After retiring

I discovered watercolor.  

Alexandria's Torpedo Factory and Glen Echo's Yellow Barn have been places I've studied, as well as in several local studios. I’ve been in many juried shows and have innumerable watercolors in private collections from California to Italy.


Borrowing from my own photos and sketches, I work with the shapes and spaces, texture and colors, interplay between lights and darks, to create a flowing composition.   I love flooding water over the paper to paint on a wet surface; I love layering the paint to create depth.  


Every day of painting brings fresh discoveries.

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